Please note: Due to security concerns, the Medicine Hat and Lethbridge Shoppers do not accept credit card or other financial information over this website. If you place an online classified, the Shopper will contact you by telephone on the next business day to arrange for credit card payment.

Shopper classified prices are based on the type of ad you wish to run. All classifieds are charged by the work, with the first 15 words included in the base rate. If you require more words to describe your items, we apply a minimal charge for each additional word.

The deadline for online classifieds is 12 Noon each Friday for the following weekend's Shopper. If you have placed an ad online, and you do not hear from us within 24 hours, please call and let us know .... as much as we love our computers, they don't always love us back!

To contact the Lethbridge Shopper, please call us at 403-329-8225
To contact the Medicine Hat Shopper, please call us at 403-527-5777

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